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 BBS-Suggestions & Ideas

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PostSubject: BBS-Suggestions & Ideas   Sun May 16, 2010 1:37 pm

you can submit any suggestions for the 5.0 project that you want to see
obviously i have my own priorities for the project but you can still make your contribution so post any ideas here

_____MY TO DO LIST FOR 5.0 _______

- BBS's own version of bounty hunter
- Choose your own home area (when you first start you can pick your own home area)
- Right click teleport option in friendslist (needs to be looked into)
- for admins: right click ban,ipban,tele etc... we will see how it goes
- pet systems need to be improved (currently will only be released for use of admins until dismissal has been created)
- get rid of unnecessary junk to free room for some new features
- update client so that we have newer models, more gfx and emotes maybe even skillcape emotes Razz

____Suggestions to do list__________
- your suggestion goes here

____Suggestions dont list___________
- your suggestions that wont happen go here
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BBS-Suggestions & Ideas
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