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 Graphics Control Systems

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PostSubject: Graphics Control Systems   Fri Oct 30, 2009 5:10 pm

Back a while ago, i used to use a graphics card which cost me der, suddently it kept having blackouts and shutting my system down. I didnt know what to do [ these problems usyually happen while playing games on high spec ] I didnt understand why my system was doing this. After long hours researching, ifound a resion why, and that reason was that it kept over heating.

Over heating is a huge concern with graphics card, and you always want it at a low temperature. Also, if you have a powerful graphics card, it needs a lot of poer, so if you are hapving problems like i did, you need a new powersupply.

Programs i used to measure my Temperature, and fan speed of my graphics card.

EVGA Precision
Speed Fan

These programs are very good at monitering your systems temperature

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Graphics Control Systems
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